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Gift Card







  1. The “Gift” card (hereinafter: Card) is the property of the issuer FASHION COMPANY ltd (PIB 100973862), and the legal holder of the Card is its user.
  2. The card can be used for purchase in all FASHION COMPANY ltd retail stores in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, and can not be used abroad.
  3. The value of the Card can be paid, that is, the Card can be purchased by any method of payment accepted by FASHION COMPANY and retail stores.
  4. The card may be used unlimited number of times until the Card is fully utilized; upon purchase after which all the amount from the Card is used.
  5. After purchasing the Card, it can not be returned back.
  6. The remaining amount on the Card is part of the initial amount on the Card, which is not used. In the event that the value of the goods purchased is greater than the remaining value of the Card, the Cardholder will, in order to make the purchase, be obligated to pay the difference with the money or any other method of payment accepted by FASHION COMPANY and retail stores.
  7. The remaining amount on the Card is shown on a non-fiscal clue each time the purchase is paid by the Card. Before leaving the retail facility, the Cardholder must check the amount in the account. Unless otherwise proven, information about the remaining amount on the Card is the one that is displayed on the card reader used in FASHION COMPANY and retail stores.
  8. Products purchased with the Card may be exchanged or returned on the same terms as any other product purchased at FASHION COMPANY and retail stores.
  9. Refund for returned products purchased by the Card will be effected by increasing the amount on the Card for the amount paid for the purchased product. However, in the event that the Card has expired, the value of the product will be returned in the manner selected by the Cardholder.
  10. The card is valid within one year from the date of purchase of the Card. Since the expiration of the Card, it can not be renewed, it can not be used to purchase the product, nor can it be required to refund the remaining amount of the Card.
  11. “Gift” card is not issued in the name and can be used by its holder. Its holder is responsible for using and retaining the Card. FASHION COMPANY doo will not replace the Card in case of theft, loss or damage, unless the damage is a consequence of an error in the production of the Card.
  12. Cards purchased illegally are invalid and void and they can not be used for the purchase of products nor can they be returned for the purchase amount.
  13. FASHION COMPANY doo is not obliged to check whether the Cardholder has acquired the same in a lawful manner.
  14. The Gift Card may not be used for the purpose of advertising or promotion of products and / or services from any third party other than FASHION COMPANY Ltd. unless FASHION COMPANY doo has not given a prior written permission.
  15. The purchase and / or use of the Card implies the acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions presented to the Customer at the time of Purchase of the Card. Marked General Conditions are also available in FASHION COMPANY doo retail facilities in the Republic of Serbia.
  16. FASHION COMPANY doo reserves the right to change these general conditions at any time, and which change will be communicated to the Cardholder during the first subsequent purchase of the Card after the change of the General Terms.