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New Guess store opened at Mall of Split

Split has become a proud host to another popular Guess store. It is an attractive Monobrend Guess Jeans store in the Mall of Split – shopping mall, which opens its doors to all those in love with the urban and seductive style, but also to those who will become it. In a newly opened business, Guess offers a wide range of clothing and fashion accessories, with which the fashion game can be very interesting.

Guess is a reputable American brand that has been synonymous with quality and fashion adoration for over 37 years, since its first steps.

Guess speaks to young and urban trendseters of recognizable style and fashionable tastes, and the collection, featured by the seductive world star Jennifer Lopez, describes modern and attractive pieces of clothing, footwear and fashion accessories that stand out in timeless design.

Over the years, Guess’s campaigns have become synonymous with quality, innovation and fashion adversity. Distribution is done through Guess stores, as well as better specialized multibrand operations in more than 90 countries around the globe.