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Blue jeans, white shirt…

This is how one of the biggest successes of the American singer Lana Del Rey began: Blue jeans, precisely. It is a story about love … . More generally, the same situation happens when a woman finds the model that suits her, the one with an impeccable fit, hyper-feminine, comfortable and perfect.


Jeans have always been the absolute star of the Liu Jo Blue Denim collections. For Autumn Winter 2018, the brand allows itself to be contaminated by the spirit of the Eighties. And for its all-female community it mainly presents sparkling denim garments, always illuminated by laminated details and bright sequins.


Dress to impress, this is what they used to say then.


So, a proposal that is revisited in the details and in its forms, is able to captivate… once again!


Some new features include New Mom, the high waist jeans, those that “our” mums used to wear in the 80s. A cult fashion at the time, they are now back with a super contemporary approach and are already a must-have this season. Another reference element is the presence of luminous applications, almost anywhere: studs, sequins and floral embroideries made using rhinestones, characterise every garment. Almost like the “Madonna” style in Desperately seeking Susan.


The Bottom Up Ghetty with glittered side piping is undoubtedly the emblem of this trend.


Among the models, we find Bottom Up Split that features lace and slits, Ideal with animal printed studs, or faux leather trimmings or eyelet and piercing applications. The Bottom Up Microflair features stud applications on the hem. While the Bottom Up Fabulous includes rips and knitted embellishments.


Among the jeans “contaminated” by this groove, there are also jackets. Under the microscope: denim jackets (and dungarees) with eyelets and laces. The rider jacket with faceted stones and ostrich-like feather brooch. The jackets are lined in faux fur or in bouclé and are embellished by jewel buttons.


Finally, it’s worth mentioning the Amazing Fit: the evolution of the legendary Bottom Up jeans designed in 2008, which will be renewed next winter with a lighter denim in both blue and grey. The Divine (skinny leg and high waist) and the Monroe (skinny leg, regular waist and ankle high), in particular, will feature floral applications made up of black diamond rhinestones or sequins on the knees.


The Eighties spirit lives on… . And is already a trendsetter.