We built our brand concept around the hardworking gentlemen of the 1950s era. It was during this period that the first dedicated leisure garments were introduced and worn by these men. Back then, gentlemen were overwhelmed by the feeling of sophistication and casualness that these items provided them with. This particular factor fuelled the inspiration for our first collection back in 2010, because it too provided the wearer with a new sensation: how to de-stress.

We aim to serve the modern gent with garments that reflect artisanal menswear techniques combined with a modern twist and detailing.

Our clothing will make you stand out in any crowd you may find yourself in. You will always be the perfect example of a genuine gent who stays dapper chic, casual cool or dandy blue, no matter what the circumstances are. We know what it feels like, as we are like-minded spirits. Our continuous aim is to give you the biggest bang for your buck with our brand. We walk the walk and we talk the talk of the modern gents.

Dstrezzed pays homage to the gentlemen of the past, and salutes the modern gent of the 21st century, those who appreciate the good things in life.

Welcome to the brotherhood of the modern gents.