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Creative concept of multibrand store FASHION & FRIENDS in Rajićeva shopping center, authored by Jasenka Stekić, Retail Development Director Fashion Company, and Branko Obradović and Ratka Antonijevic, Cappoto Build, participates at the 40th Salon of Architecture at the Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade.


FASHION & FRIENDS is a leading regional multibrand sales chain owned by FASHION COMPANY. He represents brands that belong to the class of world famous modern urban brands such as Replay, Guess, Diesel, Tommy Hilfiger, Scotch & Soda, Liu Jo, Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Superdry, Manila Grace, Steve Madden, Desigual, Cesare Paciotti, Timberland, Camper and the second. The space occupies 700 m² within Rajiceva shopping center in Knez Mihailova Street 54.


The interior is designed as a modern urban industrial design, a sophisticated style that combines and contrasts with a range of authentic materials with sophisticated craftsmanship techniques. The whole room is exquisite with luxury and great love for fashion. The professional challenge was to create a composition of different fashion brands that would correspond adequately with each other within a single space. From the entrance, the OPEN SPACE is an articulated space that, with the combination of glossy and matted materials, keeps the attention of visitors from the very start, focusing on fashionable products that are space and intended for them. Through an interesting combination of metal structures, stone, wood, golden details, glass surfaces and oasis of greenery on the concrete floor, small ambiences have been created within a unique space, in a way that is logical to the movement of visitors. The central motif conceived as a “room in the room” is easily readable and visible from the entrance. The distinctive feature of this segment is the floor covering of black and white granite ceramic tiles and natural concrete pillars with a wreath of enlightened barisole at the top. Unique ceilings in black graphite color and industrial style with visible beams in tartan patern, installations, rail and steel construction, creates a balanced positive dramaticness and sets the interior segments and details to the forefront. The line of movement is planned to lead to the visually most impressive batch of casings processed with luxury granite Copenhagen Gold. A retro cashier with a ceiling located above the cash register was processed as a unique interiors segment of the melted natural oak and dotted light that is embedded in a raster wooden lining. Also, in this section, a seating area is decorated with a luxurious Chesterfield vintage sofa and appropriate carpet with natural motifs. In contrast to the retro atmosphere, the hi tech LED display with dynamic video mix provides a trendy atmosphere that Fashion & Friends clients expect.


In line with the consciousness, nature inspired design and natural tendency toward the latest trends of cutting-edge technology, careful selection of low-consumption lighting products in the spirit of industrial style with hand-made steel chandeliers and Edison lamps has been made. Focusing of  lighting emphasizes the dramatic nature of the selected goods, the harmony of each other, the warmth of the colors and the pleasantness in the achieved glamor.