Christmas is here!

Christmas is here!

The New Year is behind us, the family is together and in a warm home we share the most beautiful stories of memories we’ve lived together. With hot drink and a delicious dinner, open up old albums and remember the funniest combinations!

What was dad wearing when he was a young man, what skirt his sister chose for the New Year’s eve event and how come you thought the two colors matched then, and now everything is completely unthinkable to you! After that, there are gifts for those who have been good all year, for those who cared most, the most beautifully hugged – our loved ones.

Below, find ideas for gifts to those you’ve gathered around the Christmas table.

1. Give them something that will be useful and will last!

These are gifts your loved ones will like not only because they look good, but because they will be able to wear them for several seasons! Pieces that don’t go out of style, and are multifunctional, and you can find them in our stores as well as online shop :

2. Give them the pieces that will keep them warm this winter!

Even though winter seems to have already passed, the weather forecast predicts colder and snowier days! So beat the snow and make your loved ones happy with the warm pieces from the FW20 collection!

3. Give them comfort!

The most important thing is that in every outfit you feel comfortable, and for that feeling you have to start with the laundry. When you have no idea what to give, laundry is that sure choice!

Whatever you decide, we’re sure Santa’s already got his fingers crossed and he’s carrying the right presents to the right address.

P.s. Let him know that discounts are under way in our stores as well as online shop !