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HR strategy


Taking care of employees is carried out in the same way we do for our customers. We develop talents through managerial principles. Individual approach to our favorite strategy because we believe in talented individuals. The idea behind the HR strategy is to enable our staff to develop through access and exchange of commercial and creative talents and expertise through high standards and good practice in the industry. This means that the brands we represent have multiple benefits from the synergy that comes from our ranks. The concept of human resource management can be summarized in a simple form – Good practice with constant innovation.



Do you want to expand your imagination?

Fashion Company is the epicenter of innovation in the area of urban and lifestyle brands. We are constantly pushing the envelope with strict principles that lie at the roots of our long-standing tradition that has brought us to a leading position in the region, which is inspired by strong values.


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Job description and activities for the position:


  • Serves consumers and sells goods in a retail facility;
    • Performs the reception of goods, controls the received goods and dispatches from the central warehouse, places electronic protection on articles / goods;
  • Counts, sortes, overcaps old prices and place new prices (when discounted);
  • Depending on the traffic and the surface of the retail facility, it agrees and separates goods in the retail space and warehouse;
  • Depending on the traffic and the surface of the retail facility, it controls the codes and declarations of goods / items in the sales and warehouse space;
  • Inform consumers about current stock / brand downs in the retail facility, as well as about the new collection;
  • It works on cashier, post terminal, payment cards, checks and other ways of payment to sell items through the register of cash registers;
  • Controls the stock of goods in the warehouse, depending on the traffic and the size of the retail facility, in order to supplement the collection of the collection / Brends;
  • If necessary, attend trainings for retail;
  • A professional, courteous attitude towards every consumer / guest who enters a retail facility;
  • With its presence in the retail facility, it reduces / minimizes the possibility of stealing goods;
  • Professional and cultural behavior prevents the emergence of conflict situations, both with consumers and with other employees;
  • Complies with the rules of conduct prescribed by the Code of Business Conduct with the employer;
  • Works on the realization of daily / weekly / monthly / seasonal sales plans depending on the traffic and the surface of the retail facility;


Personal characteristics – Key success factors


  • Expressed sales skills and presentation skills
  • Proactive, energetic
  • Good communication skills
  • Readiness for continuous improvement in sales
  • Kindness, pleasant and professional approach to the customer
  • Imperial orientation and collegiality
  • Willingness to work in shifts


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Specific tasks and tasks:

  • Performs the reception and referral of business partners and guests according to the established procedure
  • Receive and forward phone calls
  • Performs receipt, record and distribution of mail
  • Records the arrival of business partners
  • Serves business partners
  • Serves top management and party meetings
  • Transmits information related to the various types of procedures necessary for the work of the department
  • Take into account the cleanliness and regularity of the business premises after the meetings


Personal characteristics


  • Communication and Organization
  • Responsibility and Conscientiousness
  • Confidence and kindness


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If you see yourself in a dynamic and creative environment in which you will be able to exhibit and develop all your talents, Fashion Company is the right company for you.