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About Us

Fashion Company is the largest retail company in the region of Southeast Europe that deals with fashion and fashion retail and wholesale with over 100 retail outlets in Serbia and the region (Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia and Romania).


The management of the company consists of professional, qualified, determined, brave people who, with enormous dedication, manage the resources of Fashion Company.


Fashion Company has been developing very dynamically... >>>

in the past 30 years. We have become a leader in the region, recognizable for the wide range of monobrand stores of leading fashion manufacturers, as well as for the multibrand concept ’Fashion & Friends’, existing for more than 10 years. Through the offer we have created the demand on the market, which was one of our main goals. From the very beggining, we have been ranked as a triple A client by foreign banks. We intend to stay as ambitious in the future as ever, and accordingly we will continue to grow dynamicaly and sustainably, both through the expansion of our product offering, and through entry into the new markets of Eastern Europe. We have already reached a turnover of 100 mil euros, the number of employees reached 1,000, and the number of stores over 100. We constantly improve our business in a challenging environment and make our team stronger. Simply put, our adventure continues.

Tatjana Dimitrijević

Based on the results of a long-term accelerated growth, a significant increase in profitability in country and region... >>>

and the status of a desirable company for banks to finance its further growth of business, I can rightly say that I am very optimistic about the company’s financial perspectives and its ability to face successfully dynamic and complex environment. Our future priority is to establish controlling as a single reporting center, which will allow maximum focus on significant profitability parameters, revenue growth and cost optimization. As a basis for making effective financial decisions that create value for the company, financial decision-making must be based on the principle of rationality, security and liquidity, which directly affects the company’s performance. Key challenges are the optimal use of available resources, priority choices and risk avoidance. Our task is to invest, finance and provide resources to open the door to new markets and new opportunities.

Jordan Džaković

We strive for a dynamic business environment, and we are driven by challenges. Our goal is the result. If the result is achieved, my special goal is the satisfied team.

Vladimir Kraljačić

Our company is ready for a new step forward in its further development. Serbian market has already been won with... >>>

our leading position among the competition, and we are now ready to become leaders in the region as well. In addition to Montenegro, Macedonia and Croatia where we have been operating for several years, we also plan to enter the markets of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Romania. Apart form traditionally recognizable international brands that we represent in our retail facilities, we are particularly proud of our retail multi-brand concept Fashion & Friends, which best represents the work of our company.Our business keeps in its focus development of our employees, recognition of their needs and potentials for advancement,.as well as respect for the wishes of our customers, in order to further improve the quality of our services and to create an extraordinary shopping experience. Addressing the trends in the fashion industry and information technologies is certainly what will lead us into the future.

Tamara Drasković
Retail Director

We continue to set trends of world renowned brands, strengthening... >>>

the position in the fashion elite as the leaders in the region. We strive to expand our geographical boundaries every day, as well as the portfolio of brands we represent.

Dušan Brdar
IT Director

Fashion company is developing rapidly both technologically and in terms of... >>>

classical retail. The previous period has been marked by centralization, digitization and acceleration of the business process, while in the future we plan to continue with monitoring, conquering and applying new technologies and best practices. Personnel development, and advancement and recognition of new talents, are a prerequisite for innovative solutions that are especially important in IT sector. I see our future as a digital transformation highway with the goal of aligning business and processes with the Y and Z generations.

Look into the future and we shall meet there …

Manja Babović
Brand Development Director

The best way to predict the future is to create it by ourselves. We continue with... >>>

our development in that direction, improving existing and developing new brands, with a constant influx of knowledge, energy and creativity, as an inexhaustible source of new ideas. The fresh ideas of our team, as the most valuable resource of the modern age, make us always a step ahead of the others. In order to retain the leadership position, we listen to the needs of the market, and through innovative strategies and modern retail concept we breathe new life into new brands, moving the boundaries, setting the standards and growing together. Over the decades we have shared our passion for the aesthetics and the latest design solutions of world famous brands with our esteemed customers, whose satisfaction will stay our priority in the future.

Tanja Mirčetić
HRBP Manager

In the period of great development and of conquering the new markets... >>>

HR has become a strategic partner of the company, whose role is to build culture that is innovative, stable, people and team oriented, and to recruit, employ, retain and develop the most talented employees in the region. Expectations of the consumers are changing, and so do the expectations of the employees. It is considered a success when an organization is ready to withstand all the changes. And such can be only the organization that understands the employees are its numbe one priority, and that taking care for them means they can take better care of the consumers. We recognize the importance of human capital and focus all our attention on building strong relationships with the employees and on establishing relationships of mutual trust. We are the ultimate market leader, because we first create leaders within our own organization.

Nebojša Kontić
Wholesale director

With solid foundation and the leading position of the company... >>>

in the fashion industry we gained recurring momentum to grow and develop, helping our partners from the region to achieve the same. Following the global trends and bringing the hottest new brands, we set the the standards very high and create the market in Serbia and the region. Strong team, dedication, commitment and ambition to reach the highest goals will continue to be what drives us and leads us forward.

Our Skills & Expertise

What we’re good at

The results that we achieve in the region of Southeast Europe on an annual basis are the best testimonies of our achievements. The results that we achieve in the region of Southeast Europe on an annual level best testify to our achievements.


What we’re good at?

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Employee engagement is critical to a company’s success. After all, an engaged employee is a productive one. To increase employee engagement, we bring the gamification into employee activities, such as achievement-tracking and peer competition. We than, give employees something to work toward such as price and recoghnition. Also, we conduct surveys on a regular basis to let employees know that their voice is being heard and valued.

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An organization’s biggest and most precious investment is its employees. A career advancement program helps sustain employee engagement, as employees are given the opportunity to progress both personally and professionally. In addition, it helps nurture talent within the organization, reducing the time and costs associated with hiring outside employees.

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Maintaining a strong, positive corporate image is important, helping us attract top talent to a growing team. The HR department plays a critical role in upholding an organization’s image and always thinks about how our Company branding is reflected in our recruitment efforts, workplace and involvement in social media.

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To make goal-setting successful, you need to have a tracking system in place.Not to mention, keeping track manually can get messy and is less reliable. So, we invested in a performance management system that makes it easy for employees and managers to track and measure progress throughout the year.

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Our company in the marketing segment cooperates with a large media pull in the region of the former Yugoslavia. It is about media editions of Adria Media, Ringier Axel Springer, Attica media, Color press, Alma quattro, Skyboard, Naxi, Radio S, Elmag, Play fm, RTV Pink, RTS, PRVA TV, HAPPY TV, Wannabe magazine, Conor agency, Hyper design and others. Our brands are regular part of Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Grazia, Men’s Health, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Gloosy, Story, Hello, Gloria. The list of business co-operation through operations of the Finance, Logistics and Commercial departments consists of companies such as Alkemy, Grafix, DPC, Milšped, Comtrade, Info media group, Roloflex, VB, MTS, Metropolis, Unicredit Bank, Ušće shopping center, Delta city, Rajićeva Shopping center, Big Fashion and Big shopping center, Forum shopping center, etc.