Bata Brends SA is a Canadian owned multinational footwear and fashion accessory manufacturer and retailer based in Lusanne, Switzeland. This famous manufacturer has an enviable retail netword. The company is organized into three business units: Bata, Bata Industrials and AW Lab. The company has a retail presence of over 5,300 shops in more than 70 countries and production facilities in 18 countries.


Bata serves a million customers each day with a business model based on quality and accessibility for all. From environmentally conscious shoes to high-tech heels, Bata’s strategic innovation and production is led by a diverse group of real people.


Who doesn’t love shoes? They keep our feet warm or cool, they help us get around more easily… plus they transform an ordinary outfit into an extraordinary one! Bata makes over 140 million pairs of shoes a year, and is a part of the dress combination of a large number of people. Legendary quality, trend-setting styles, and a tradition of innovation that dates back to 1894. For close to 120 years, the Bata brand has offered the best shoe at the best price. With contemporary and classic styles, the Bata collection has shoes and accessories for active men and women who appreciate great design and understand the meaning of value.


The Baťa Shoe Company was established by siblings Tomáš, Anna and Antonín Baťa – the eighth generation of Bata family shoemakers – in the rural town of Zlín, Czechoslovakia. They were innovators from the start, replacing the traditional one-man workshop with a 10-person enterprise. The introduction of mechanized production techniques, including the first steam-driven shoemaking machines, initiated a period of rapid modernization that allowed the company to become one of Europe’s first mass producers of shoes.